MensLine Australia

MensLine Australia Services (1300 78 99 78) is a free professional telephone and online counselling service offering support for men with concerns about mental health, anger management, family violence (using and experiencing), addiction, relationships, stress and wellbeing. It is available 24/7.

Services include specialist telephone and online counselling, tools and resources to raise awareness of the impacts of domestic or family violence, and referral to and from other organisations.

Visit the MensLine Australia website or more information.

Who benefits from MensLine Australia?

MensLine Australia is for all men and all types of relationships, anyone who is worried about a male family member, partner or friend, and health professionals working with men.

MensLine Australia Changing for Good

The Changing for Good service provides free counselling for men who want to have healthy and respectful relationships with others. The service provides a one-to-one telephone counselling service for men who want to maintain respectful relationships without using violence. The service aims to support and strengthen relationships with others, improve wellbeing, and increase participation in community life.

Who benefits from Changing for Good?

Changing for Good will help men who want to continue to have violence-free relationships and has two programs available that will help men to explore the causes and impacts of their behaviours on others.

Visit the MensLine Changing for Good website for further information.

Changing for Good Violence Prevention Program

This is a free two-month telephone counselling program for men who are worried their thoughts and behaviours may escalate to physical violence.

Visit Changing for Good Violence Prevention for further information.

Changing for Good Post Men’s Behaviour Change Program

This is a free 6-month telephone counselling program for men who have undertaken a Men’s Behaviour Change Program (MBCP) in the last 12 months.  It helps men to continue the strategies they learned in a MBCP.

The Changing for Good Post Men’s Behavioural Change Program does not require a referral to apply for the program.

Visit Changing for Good post MBCP for further information.

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