Family Day Care Legislation Changes – Specified Circumstance Information Request

If your approved family day care service uses this form to request information and documents to be provided to your service by certain individuals for the purposes of subsections 10A(2), 10A(3) and 10A(5) of the Child Care Benefit (Eligibility of Child Care Services for Approval and Continued Approval) Determination 2000, and to request authorisation to disclose the information (subsection 10(9)), the Department of Education and Training will accept that your service will have complied with its obligation under those subsections to request the information and documents, and authorisation, from the individuals to whom you give this form.

Your service is not required to use this form. Your service may request the information and documents under subsections 10A(2), 10A(3), 10A(5) and 10(9) in other ways.

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