Information for Young People leaving Out-of-Home Care

Transitioning to independent living can be a positive time in your life as well as presenting some challenges. With this in mind, we have designed this information to help step you through the process of applying for the TILA payment, regardless if you remain living with your carer or you move out to your own place.

You will need a caseworker to help you apply for TILA. If you don’t have one, you can contact your local state or territory government department for child protection and they will assist you in this process.

Your caseworker will:

  • work with you on either a new or updating a leaving care plan and agree on what the payment will be used for and when.
  • apply for TILA on your behalf and manage the payment for you.
  • purchase the items or services you both agree on.

The TILA - Guide for Young People provides step by step instructions to help you apply for TILA, and the What is TILA used for factsheet lists the different items and services TILA can be used for.

There is also a range of support services available to help you find a place to live, get a job or find you training, get financial advice, counselling or emotional and other supports. You can also contact your local state or territory office to see what supports they have available.

Contact DSS at if you have any questions regarding TILA.

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