Information for Non-parent Carers

Moving to independence can be a positive time in a young person’s life. This information has been provided to assist you as the young person’s carer, to support them in this important transition, regardless of if they move out to their own place or remain living with you.

The young person will need to work with their caseworker to help them apply for TILA to ensure the purchases meet the young person’s needs as set out in their leaving care plan. If the young person doesn’t have a caseworker, contact your local state government department for child protection who can provide further assistance.

The TILA – Guide for Young People and What can TILA be used for factsheet can help you assist the young person check their eligibility and apply for the TILA payment.

There may also be other support services available to the young person in your care.

Contact DSS at if you have any questions regarding TILA.

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