Information for caseworkers

Some of the young people in out-of-home care you work with may be eligible for the TILA payment. As the young person’s caseworker you will be responsible for developing or updating their transition to independence plan with them, and in most cases, submitting their TILA application and managing the TILA payment. Our TILA - Guide for Caseworkers will help step you through the TILA application process. There may also be other supports and services the young person leaving formal care might be eligible for.

The TILA Operational Guidelines provides more information on your role as a caseworker and how you can support a young person leaving formal or court appointed care apply for TILA. The TILA Operational Guidelines also provides a variety of communication information that can be used to promote TILA to your service users.

TILA application lodgement

TILA applications are lodged through the Unified Government Gateway (UGG). As each jurisdiction’s process in lodging TILA applications may differ, contact the relevant child protection authority in your state or territory. They can assist you with information on the process for access to the UGG and how to lodge an application.

TILA application reminders and the Return of unspent funds process

The TILA application process and return of unspent funds reminders fact sheet outlines simple steps and key reminders to assist you with the application process, and returning unspent TILA funds to DSS.

For further assistance

For questions relating to the UGG password resets only, contact Services Australia on 131158 / Select Option 3 or by email

For questions relating to the management of TILA payments, contact Services Australia by emailing

Contact DSS at if you have any questions regarding TILA.

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