Evaluation of Be Connected

The evaluation of Be Connected assessed the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the program as a national response to the digital inclusion needs of older Australians (undertaken 2017-2020).

The evaluation found Be Connected has a significant impact on building the digital skills, confidence and online safety practices of older Australians. The evaluation concluded that Be Connected represents an appropriate, effective, and efficient investment in the digital inclusion of older Australians.

The program has developed a network of more than 3,000 partners delivering digital skills to more than 580,000 learners. This network, combined with online learning resources targeting low skilled device and internet users, offers an appropriate model for reaching a diverse range of older Australians.

The program has developed the capacity of more than 9,800 digital mentors to act as a frontline for digital skills development. Many of the mentors are volunteers, who themselves are older Australians. The Be Connected Learner Portal provides adaptive, flexible and up-to-date online learning resources designed specifically for older Australians.

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