The department considers requests for sponsorship that provide an opportunity to associate the name, image or brand of the department and/or it’s programs, policies and services with an organisation’s event or initiative.

How to submit a proposal

Unsolicited sponsorship proposals can be sent to sponsorship@dss.gov.au.

The proposal should demonstrate how the opportunity:

  • aligns to communication objectives and key priorities of the department and/or its programs, policies and services
  • raises awareness of the department and/or its programs, policies and services
  • provides opportunities to engage with relevant departmental stakeholders and audiences.

The proposal should clearly outline the inclusions and benefits of the sponsorship to the department, as well as the organisation’s capability, capacity and experience to deliver the opportunity.

Assessment process

Unsolicited sponsorship proposals will be assessed based on the above criteria, value for money and potential benefits for the department.
Considerations will also be given, depending on emerging issues, community needs and changing government priorities.

All sponsorship proposals are subject to a rigorous assessment and approval process.

Further information

For further information about the department’s sponsorship process please email sponsorship@dss.gov.au

DSS also offers a range of grant programs. Most DSS grant rounds are advertised on the Community Grants Hub website.

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