Research and Data

DSS works to improve the lives and outcomes for people with disability. It is committed to the development of evidence-based policy and programs, underpinned by the Department’s research and data activities.

Within the disability sector, research and data are built upon partnerships and collaborations, inclusion of disability issues in mainstream Australian research funding and activities, effective participation of people with disability and the provision of accessible research and data that is applied in practice.

The National Disability Research and Development Agenda sets out national priorities and provides focus and direction for disability related research.

For further information visit the Research and Data Working Group webpage.


Making it Easier for Small Business to employ people with disability - Research Report

Data for the Disability Support Pension can be found on the website.

The National Disability Data Asset

The Commonwealth and states and territories are working together to develop a cross-jurisdictional national disability data set.  The linked and shared data will provide a better understanding of how people with disability are supported through services, payments and programs across multiple service systems.

For further information read about the National Disability Data Asset.

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