Special Disability Trusts: Questions and Answers

Whether a Special Disability Trust is suitable for your purposes is a complex matter that involves the need to carefully consider your personal circumstances and those of the intended beneficiary. Those circumstances may change over time, as may other factors such as relevant laws, taxation treatment and relevant policies. You should always seek advice from qualified legal, taxation and other professional advisers before taking any action in respect to a Special Disability Trust and take into account both long term and short term considerations as applicable to your individual circumstances.

These Special Disability Trust Questions and Answers and all associated information (the "Information") are intended to provide you with generic and high level information only. While we believe the Information is generally accurate, it is intended for general consideration only and not for decision making purposes. You should not rely on this Information for any purpose. To the extent permitted by law the Commonwealth of Australia provides this information without any representation or warranty of any kind including, without limitation, in respect to accuracy, completeness or currency and will have no liability to you of any kind in respect to any use that you may make of the Information.

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