Younger People with Disability in Residential Aged Care Initiative

On 10 February 2006 COAG agreed to a five-year initiative to reduce the number of younger people with disability living in nursing homes throughout Australia. Governments implemented the joint Commonwealth, state and territory initiative from July 2006.

The three key objectives of the Younger People with Disability in Residential Aged Care (YPIRAC) initiative were to:

  1. move younger people with disability currently in residential aged care into appropriate supported disability accommodation; where supported disability accommodation can be made available and only if the client chooses to move
  2. divert future admissions of younger people with disability who are at risk of admission to residential aged care into more appropriate forms of accommodation; and
  3. enhance the delivery of specialist disability services to those younger people with disability who choose to remain in residential aged care, and if residential aged care remains the only available suitable supported accommodation option.

Participation in the YPIRAC initiative was voluntary with initial priority given to people under 50 years of age.

COAG determined that responsibility for the day-to-day management of the initiative rested with state and territory governments, and that implementation took account of the individual circumstances applying in each jurisdiction.

The YPIRAC initiative was incorporated into the National Disability Agreement when it came into effect in January 2009. Commonwealth Government funding for the YPIRAC initiative is ongoing as part of the National Disability Specific Purpose Payment to state and territory governments for increased and improved specialist disability services.

At the October 2011 meeting of the Standing Council on Community, Housing and Disability Services, Ministers agreed to a continued effort to meet each of the objectives under the YPIRAC initiative and agreed to achieve better connections with mainstream services for younger people with disability in, or at risk of entering, residential aged care.

Young People in Nursing Homes National Alliance

During 2009-10, the Department asked the Young People in Nursing Homes National Alliance to undertake a project to:

  • identify key systemic reform areas to assist governments to implement the YPIRAC initiative and meet the program objectives;
  • facilitate the flow of information between the government and the disability sector; and
  • develop an options paper identifying future directions/models for the YPIRAC initiative.

The Young People in Nursing Homes National Alliance report is available at YPIRAC2: the next steps.

Mid Term Evaluation

A Mid Term Evaluation of the YPIRAC Program was completed in June 2009 and assessed whether the program was achieving outcomes in respect of the objectives, agreed performance targets and specific state and territory issues in each of the bilateral agreements.  The period evaluated was from June 2006 to December 2008, which is prior to the commencement of the National Disability Agreement.

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State and Territory programs

For more information about the YPIRAC initiative and disability services in each state and territory, please contact:

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

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Request for Information - innovative approaches to support and accommodation for younger people with disability

In connection with the COAG initiative, the Department, on behalf of the Australian Government, issued a public Request for Information on arrangements for the care and support of younger people with disability.

Advertisements requesting information were placed in all national newspapers in July 2006. Seventy-eight public submissions were received from a range of respondents including service providers, peak representative bodies, advocacy groups and individuals.

A summary report has been developed for public release. The report does not endorse preferred service delivery models or particular views. It is simply designed to share information and encourage discussion about suggested options for future support and care arrangements.

Younger People with Disability in Residential Aged Care (YPIRAC) Annual Report

It was a COAG requirement that the key achievements of the YPIRAC initiative were reported annually.

For a copy of the Younger People with Disability in Residential Aged Care (YPIRAC) Annual Report 2006-07 and/or 2007-08 please contact

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