Print Disability Services


The Print Disability Services Program (the Program) supports organisations to produce print material in alternative formats for people with print disability who are unable to read standard print with ease due to vision impairment, a physical disability or a learning disability. 

Funding under the Program is directed to the production of digital masters of print material, to reflect the uptake of recent and emerging technology and to ensure the best quality material is available to the end user. 

There is a significant focus on collaboration, sharing of resources and reducing duplication to ensure people with print disability have increased access to a broad range of material in the alternative format and delivery method of their choice.

There are two organisations currently funded under the Program:

  • Vision Australia
  • VisAbility

Funded services by state

The services funded in 2018-21 are listed below:

State Organisation Contact details


Vision Australia

1300 847 466

Western Australia


1800 847 466

Print Disability Services Program Guidelines

The Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS) has a suite of documents (the Program Guideline Suite) which provide information relating to the Disability, Mental Health and Carers Program, Disability Carer and Support Activity – which includes the Print Disability Services Program. They provide the key starting point for organisations considering whether to participate in the program and form the basis for the business relationship between the Department and the grant recipient.

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