Market design and evolution for better outcomes

National Disability Services’ Centre for Applied Disability Research, in partnership with Curtin University Not-for-profit Initiative, will assess the supply and sustainability of disability services in Australia. The work will inform policy development to foster a strong competitive and efficient supply of disability services and support achievement of the objectives of the NDIS.

The research intends to monitor the impact of the introduction of the NDIS, identify change in the structure of the sector and assess sufficiency of supply. This project will focus on the actual financial performance and sustainability of organisations, identify organisations at risk, and develop recommendations regarding the strategies required to maintain or develop an effective, efficient and responsive market for disability service users.

The research by National Disability Services Ltd. will be incorporate qualitative and quantitative research to compile a whole-of-sector baseline study. This will be accompanied by a longitudinal study of the financial capacity of disability services in Australia and their response to market change.

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