Housing, technology and support innovation within a National Disability Strategy: Post-occupancy evaluation research to impact Australian policy and best practice

Monash University will lead a research consortium to identify, examine and document models of housing and support across Australia for people with significant and permanent disability who are eligible for the NDIS. The study will focus on the separation of funding for equipment and support from the provision of housing, including enablers and barriers within different models.

The research will identify different characteristics and design of traditional, new and changing systems of housing and support for people with disabilities. This includes physical/built environment, use of integrated technology and support services. Research practices include review of literature and existing research combined with stakeholder engagement and consultation.

Project findings will be translated into panoramic virtual tours to assist people to identify best practice. Practical resources and design guidelines for appropriate housing and supports will also be developed, to inform government policy and support the delivery of the NDIS.

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