Enhancement of the Centre for Applied Disability Research (CADR) Clearinghouse

National Disability Services Ltd will build an open online collection of disability research which provides a comprehensive repository of the latest and most relevant national and international resources related to disability. End users of the Clearinghouse are anticipated to be existing or potential disability service providers, disability and related allied professionals, people with disability, their families and carers, and government policy and program makers.

The CADR Clearinghouse aims to become a dynamic ‘meeting space’ for collaboratively identifying, sharing, disseminating and critically examining the evidence underpinning disability policy and practice by engaging with disability researchers, practitioners and advocates to translate research into resources that better meet the needs of end users.

Research activities undertaken for the Clearinghouse include the development of specifically targeted material such as research summaries, policy and practice guides, consumer briefs, podcasts and webinars.

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