Digital enterprise: Enhancing social and communication skills, and improving education and employment outcomes of Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people with disabilities in rural, remote and metropolitan areas of Australia

Central Queensland University will lead a research consortium to build on the success of previous work in digital enterprise for children and young people with disability, with the aim of improving participation in education and employment. This project will identify ways to increase use of information technology for young people with disabilities in regional and remote locations through the use of outreach activities and access to online programs.

The user-centric model will give these young people the opportunity to develop their capacity in information technology, creativity, entrepreneurial, and communication and social skills. This work will enhance pathways to education and employment, while also developing young people’s ability to be active participants in the decision making process and enhancing their sense of agency.

The study aims to increase the rate of participation in further education, employment and entrepreneurial activities of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth with disabilities in rural, remote and metropolitan areas of Australia. The final goal will be the creation of an intervention model that can be easily replicated in any mainstream setting throughout Australia, including schools, further education institutions, community settings, and workplaces.

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