NDIS Provider and Worker Registration Taskforce

The NDIS Provider and Worker Registration Taskforce (the Taskforce) has been established to provide advice on the design and implementation of the new graduated risk-proportionate regulatory model proposed in the NDIS Review Final Report (the Report) in consultation with the disability community.

Specifically, the Taskforce will be providing advice on Recommendation 17 which is to develop and deliver a risk-proportionate model for the visibility and regulation of all providers and workers, and strengthen the regulatory response to long-standing and emerging quality and safeguards issues.

The Taskforce will provide advice to the Minister on key design elements and implementation of new regulatory arrangements, including a Provider Risk Framework.

The Taskforce will provide the Minister with a report in 2024 setting out advice on:

  • The design and implementation of the graduated risk-proportionate regulatory model;
  • A Provider Risk Framework; and
  • Arrangements for platform providers and circumstances where participants directly employ their workers.

The Taskforce is supported by the Department of Social Services and works closely with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission and the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Taskforce members

Taskforce members have been chosen for their extensive breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise in the rights of people with disability, the interests of workers, the care provider market and market regulation.

  • Ms Natalie Wade, disability rights lawyer (Chair);
  • Mr Michael Borowick JP, former ACTU Assistant Secretary;
  • The Hon Vicki O’Halloran AO CVO FAICD, former Administrator of the Northern Territory and former President of National Disability Services Australia;
  • Professor Allan Fels AO, former chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The Terms of Reference for the Taskforce is available here.

Advisory Working Groups

The Taskforce is supported by subject matter experts who form the Advisory Working Groups (AWGs) to co-design specific activity in areas of concern. Members of the AWGs have been invited by the Taskforce members, and have been carefully selected to include government, peak bodies, service providers and people with lived experience.

The Taskforce has designed five AWGs which reflect areas of focus that are highlighted in the Taskforce’s Terms of Reference. The five AWGs by focus area include:

  • Participants and Nominees;
  • Disability Care Workers and Organisations;
  • Providers and Regulators;
  • Intergovernmental;
  • Academic and Policy.

These groups, along with public consultation, strengthen the Taskforce’s advice on key design elements of a proposed regulatory model, and ensure the Taskforce is informed by the disability community, as well as the provider market and workers to ensure best outcomes.

Consultation activity


The Taskforce have hosted a series of roundtables across Australia where they heard from communities on specific topics that will help inform the Taskforce advice to Government the design and implementation of the risk-proportionate regulatory model and the Provider Risk Framework.


On 4 April 2024, the Taskforce held a live public webinar, to introduce themselves, and the work they are undertaking in the sector. A recording of the webinar is available. A list of the questions asked during the webinar is also available.

The Taskforce hosted four open roundtables in webinar style. The first three of these webinars were held on 16 April 2024 (addressing the topic of ‘Choice and Control’), 17 April 2024 (addressing the topic of 'Platform Providers') and on 2 May 2024 (addressing the topic of 'Self Managers and Self-directed Support').

The fourth roundtable was held on 24 May 2024 and addressed ‘What We Have Heard’ which summarised what the Taskforce members heard as part of the consultation process with the sector.

Online Consultation Process

In addition to the roundtables and webinars, the Taskforce welcomed people with disabilities, their families and advocates, the NDIS provider market, workforce representatives, and other relevant stakeholders to make public submissions via the DSS Engage platform.

Feedback received from this process is being considered by the Taskforce and help to inform the Taskforce’s advice.

The submission process opened on 6 March 2024 and closed on 5 May 2024.


To contact the Taskforce, email NDISRegistrationTaskforce@dss.gov.au

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