Impact evaluation of carer support programs

The Department of Social Services has commissioned an evaluation of Australian Government carer support programs. You may be invited to participate if you have used these supports or services.

Who is conducting the evaluation?

Three organisations are conducting the evaluation:

  • University of New South Wales Social Policy Research Centre
  • Social Research Centre 
  • Ipsos Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Unit. 

What does the evaluation involve?

The evaluation includes 3 programs:

The evaluation will assess what works well and what could be improved about support services for carers.

Who can participate?

You may receive an invitation to participate in an interview or survey if you:

  • use Carer Gateway or Your Caring Way
  • receive a Young Carer Bursary
  • receive Carer Payment or Carer Allowance.

Your program service provider may send you an invitation, or one of the organisations conducting the evaluation may contact you directly. In most cases the invitation will be an email, but you could also receive a text message, letter, or phone call.

Most people will be invited to participate in late 2022 or early 2023. Some people receiving a Young Carer Bursary will be invited to participate later in 2023.

Participating in the evaluation is voluntary and will not affect any government assistance, services or income support you receive. If you are invited to participate, you will receive a Participant Information Sheet with more information about the evaluation and how your privacy is protected.

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