Disability Support Pension

The Disability Support Pension (DSP) is designed to support people if they have a physical, intellectual or psychiatric impairment which is expected to persist, in light of available evidence, for at least 2 years, and attracts at least 20 points under the Tables for the assessment of work-related impairment for Disability Support Pension (the Impairment Tables). When applying for DSP, the person must also be assessed as being unable to work for 15 or more hours per week, for at least the next 2 years, due to their impairment. Not all people with disability are eligible for DSP as many people with disability are able to work.

Read more about the Disability Support Pension on the Services Australia website.

Disability Support Pension information for health professionals can also be found on the Services Australia Website.

Impairment Tables

The Impairment Tables are used to determine if a person meets a qualifying impairment threshold stipulated social security law.

The Tables are used to assess the impact of a person’s conditions, the effects the condition has on their ability to work and assigns an impairment rating.

To qualify for DSP, a person must have among others things, a physical, intellectual or psychiatric impairment assessed as 20 points or more under Tables. A person is considered to have a severe impairment if they have 20 points or more under a single Impairment Table.

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Impairment Tables Review 2019-2023

A review of the Disability Support Pension Impairment Tables was undertaken and finalised in 2023.

Evaluation of the Revised Disability Support Pension (DSP) Assessment Process

In 2018, the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) released findings for the Disability Support Pension – Follow-on Audit. The audit provided 4 recommendations.

In response to one of the recommendations from the report, the department commissioned the Evaluation of the Revised Disability Support Pension (DSP) Assessment Process. This was a post-implementation review of changes made to the DSP claim process in 2015.

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