Social Enterprise Development Initiative (SEDI)


The Social Enterprise Development Initiative (SEDI) was announced in the 2023-24 budget. SEDI irongly encourage applications from this group. Applying for a SEDI Capability Building Grant The Department will work with IIA to finalise the grant application process. We expect the first round of grants to be available to enterprises in mid-2024. Information on how to apply for a capability buildins part of the Targeting Entrenched Disadvantage package. This commits $11.6 million to support the growth of the social enterprise sector.

SEDI aims to support social enterprises to be more efficient and effective. It helps them to deliver social benefits to vulnerable Australians.

The SEDI will support social enterprises by providing funding for:

  • grants of up to $120,000 to social enterprises
  • capability building across the broader social enterprise sector through activities aimed at improving discovery, connection and exchange.

Engaging with the sector

We worked with Social Enterprise Australia (SEA) to gather social enterprise sector views. SEA collected ideas and views through workshops and surveys. Read the summary of the views collected by SEA.

How SEDI works

The Department has partnered with 2 organisations from the sector to deliver SEDI:

• Impact Investing Australia (IIA), who will administer SEDI Capability Building Grants

• Social Enterprise Australia (SEA), who will be the Education and Mentoring Coordinator. They will draw on input from the sector on all activities aimed at improving discovery, connection and exchange.

Working with these organisations means we can be more flexible and creative in how the SEDI works. It also will help embed SEDI in the sector.

The Department, SEA and IIA will work together to bring all the parts of SEDI together into one program. The interests of social enterprises, intermediaries and investors will all be represented in this SEDI team.

SEDI Grants Administrator

After an open, competitive grant round for the SEDI Grants Administrator, the Department chose Impact Investing Australia (IIA) for the role.

IIA has the experience and connections with the sector to administer capability-building grants.

As the Grant Administrators, IIA will provide capability building grants to social enterprises. Each grant to a social enterprise will be up to $120,000 which can be used to buy capability building support, such as:

  • business planning
  • financial management
  • contract negotiation
  • legal support
  • outcomes measurement and evaluation
  • help to access finance such as investment loans or grants.

A focus for the SEDI will be First Nations social enterprises and we strongly encourage applications from this group.

Applying for a SEDI Capability Building Grant

The Department will work with IIA to finalise the grant application process. We expect the first round of grants to be available to enterprises in mid-2024. Information on how to apply for a capability building grant is available at Looking for investors: Impact Investing Australia.

SEDI Education and Mentoring Coordinator

The SEDI online education and mentoring activity will help develop and grow the sector.

The Department has chosen SEA to be the SEDI Education and Mentoring Coordinator. We chose SEA because they were created by the sector to represent the interests of the sector. SEA's mission aligns with what we are trying to achieve with the SEDI Education and Mentoring activity. Partnering with SEA means social enterprises will have a voice in SEDI.

SEA will:

  • commission communities of practice / other learning and peer mentoring communities
  • get existing best practice materials, tools, or training modules. SEA will commission new ones where gaps exist
  • bring components together in one site online. Will include a platform for connection and exchange
  • will address sector needs and feedback in the roll-out 
  • ensure rural and regional, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, and culturally and linguistically diverse needs are prioritised.

The SEDI, is not seeking to duplicate existing tools, platforms, and programs that meet sector needs. The SEDI will draw together existing resources across the sector. It will also seek to fill gaps identified through the sector consultation from 2023.

Working with the Social Enterprise Sector on the SEDI

In our engagement with the sector in 2023, we learnt that there needs to be a central place for the sector to learn, navigate and exchange to grow social enterprise impact.

The Department recognises that a range of tools and platforms across the social enterprise sector exist. These tools facilitate finding sector actors and information. SEA will build a gateway that will integrate with existing tools/platforms that address sector needs.

The Department encourages sector actors to reach out to SEA for the SEDI if there are any ideas, platforms or feedback in the delivery of the SEDI. The sector can reach out to SEA at hello@socialenterpriseaustralia.

Also see SEA’s website for more info on opportunities for getting involved.

Scam Alert - SEDI

The Department of Social Services has received reports of an email scam where a scammer posing as a representative of the Department has emailed members of the public offering a $120,000 grant under the Social Enterprise Development Initiative program. The scammer requests the victim’s contact details, and then sends through a false ‘grant certificate’ to notify them they have been selected, which includes a falsified signature of a senior department officer. To gain access to the payment, victims are then told they need to pay a $250 fee to unlock a debit card.

What to do if you are contacted by a scam attempt

The Department does not contact members of the public through social media or email to offer grant opportunities. Legitimate grant opportunities are published on GrantConnect at Legitimate grants will never require the recipient to pay a fee to access the amounts, and debit cards are not used to disburse grant payments.

If you are contacted by one of these scam attempts, do not provide any personal or financial information.  You can report it to the relevant government Department via contact details on their website. For the Department of Social Services, contact
For further advice on scams is available from the National Anti-Scam Centre: Scamwatch.



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