Vanguard Laundry

Outcome and Impact Measurement Case Studies – Vanguard Laundry

Vanguard Laundry is a work-integrated social enterprise (WISE) laundry service. It was established in 2016 in Toowoomba, Queensland. It supports people with lived experience of disadvantage who have had difficulty securing long-term employment.

Vanguard offers direct employment opportunities within their laundry, and support for participants to transition to other employment, education and training.

Since 2019, Vanguard has worked to expand their services and improve their social impact. Vanguard’s plans for growth included:

  • expanding to another location
  • increasing operations at the existing Toowoomba site
  • undertaking an internal review of their operations to support their social mission.

The case studies provide insights into several of Vanguard’s key learnings. This includes insights into using OIM to improve their programs and to grow.

Case Study 1 – Changing the Cycle
Benefits of early investment in and focus on outcome and impact measurement

Case Study 2 – Putting the Enterprise in Social Enterprise
Strategic focus on financial sustainability

Case Study 3 – Giving Social Impact a Voice
Sharing outcome and impact measurement reporting

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