Global Sisters

Outcome and Impact Measurement Case Studies – Global Sisters 

Global Sisters is a not-for-profit organisation that works with women across Australia. It supports women to improve their financial situation through establishing microbusinesses.

These women (called Sisters) are often unemployed or under-employed due to systemic and structural barriers to employment and financial wellbeing.

Global Sisters provides many programs at no charge. The programs are designed around a roadmap to:

  • educate
  • incubate
  • accelerate Sisters’ businesses.

Sisters can enter the program at any time and access:

  • business education
  • business coaching
  • microfinance
  • sales and marketing support via Global Sisters online Marketplace.

Since 2019, Global Sisters have been increasing their programs. They aim to reach more Sisters across Australia and create broader impact. Their growth has been supported through their outcome and impact measurement (OIM), including:

  • the continued development of their Social Impact Platform
  • the implementation of their Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Framework
  • online Social Impact Reports.

The case studies provide insights into several of Global Sisters key learnings. This includes insights into using OIM to improve their programs and to grow.

Case Study 1 – Unlocking women’s economic potential
New approach to outcome and impact measurement

Case Study 2 – Impact reporting with impact
Social impact reporting approaches

Case Study 3 – Telling the big picture story
Reporting longer-term outcomes

Case Study 4 – Measuring up for growth
Growth snapshot from 2019-2022

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