Child Safety for DSS grants

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (Royal Commission) highlighted the necessity for a national response to child safety and the need for organisations to provide an environment where children feel (and are) safe, protected and respected.

In response to the findings, the Australian Government introduced the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework (Framework). The Framework sets out the minimum standards for creating and embedding a child safe culture and practices in Commonwealth entities. This includes an expectation that Commonwealth Agencies apply child safe obligations to Commonwealth funded third parties in grant arrangement.

The Child Safe obligations applied to grantees are included in the Supplementary Terms of a grant agreement. There are 2 clauses available, with different requirements depending on the level of contact or interaction with children expected in the delivery of the activity.

For more information about the clauses see, the Frequently Asked Questions for DSS grantees.

Annual Child Safe Statement of Compliance

Grantees are required to make a Child Safe Statement of Compliance each year for each activity funded by DSS. The statement confirms that, in delivering the Activity, grantees are compliant with the Child Safe clauses.

A template for this statement will be provided by the department in early March and must be submitted by 31 March. This statement is retrospective. It covers the period 1 January to 31 December the previous calendar year.

Failure to submit the statement means grantees are considered non-compliant with their Child Safe Clauses.


Further assistance

  • For more information about the DSS Child Safe Compliance process and policy read the Frequently Asked Questions for DSS grantees
  • For technical assistance with accessing, using or submitting the Statement of Compliance template, contact the Community Grants Hub Helpdesk on 1800 020 283 (option 5).
  • For any other queries, email your Funding Arrangement Manager.

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