Child Safety for DSS funded organisations

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (Royal Commission) highlighted the necessity for a national response to child safety and the need for organisations to provide an environment where children feel (and are) safe, protected and respected.

In response to the findings, the Australian Government introduced the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework (Framework). The Framework sets out the minimum standards for creating and embedding a child safe culture and practices in Commonwealth entities. This includes an expectation that entities apply child safe measures to Commonwealth funded third parties, engaged through a grant or procurement arrangement. The Framework has several requirements, which includes:

These efforts will help foster more child safe organisations across Australia. They will also help to improve the ongoing safety and wellbeing of Australia’s children now and into the future.

National Principles for Child Safe Organisations

Creating a child safe culture in an organisation reduces the risk of incidents of harm to children. Children and adults may not feel confident identifying or raising child safety concerns, which could lead incidents being under-reported.

The National Principles are ten high level principles that set out a nationally consistent approach.

The National Principles:

  • guide creation of child safe cultures and practices in organisations to promote the safety and wellbeing of children
  • give effect to the child safe standards recommended by the Royal Commission
  • provide guidance on how each principle can be implemented in practice, with key actions and performance measures.

The National Principles are designed for flexible implementation in organisations of all sizes and sectors that engage with children.

This is an important step towards:

  • creating safe and secure environments throughout Australia
  • ensuring that no child or young person is exposed to the trauma that were heard in the testimonies of the Royal Commission.

Frequently Asked Questions for DSS funded organisations (PDF 233KB)
Frequently Asked Questions for DSS funded organisations (Word 131KB)

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