Tips for writing your application

If you are unfamiliar with the Australian Public Service (APS), applying for a job can be quite intimidating.

The Cracking the Code. Shape Australia. Create your future. provides useful information about government and the best way to complete your application.

Fact Sheet 5 of Cracking the Code provides information to assist Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples applying for roles.

Addressing the statement of claims or selection criteria

You will need to provide either a written statement of claims or selection criteria. This is an important part of your application.

You will need to write about your experience using examples. Your examples should clearly demonstrate your abilities and suitability for the job. You should show your relevant:

  • skills
  • capabilities
  • experience
  • qualifications.

If your statement or selection criteria does not provide enough examples, your application may not be shortlisted.

The STAR model is one way to explain your experience. You can use following points to form sentences:

Situation – Set the context by describing the circumstance where you used the skills or qualities and gained the experience.
Task – What was your role?
Actions – What did you do and how did you do it?
Results – What did you achieve? What was the result and how does it relate to the job you are applying for?

Referee reports

You do not have to provide written referee reports with your application. Your referees may be asked to provide comments later in the assessment process.

Remember, a good referee is someone who is familiar with your skills and abilities and who can comment on your claims to the position.

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