Gender equality

We are committed to improving gender equality in our Department.

Our approach to gender equality allows all employees, regardless of gender identity, to receive and enjoy the same:

  • rights
  • opportunities
  • resources.

The Australian Public Services (APS) Gender Equality Strategy 2021 – 2026 informs our initiatives to support the Government’s G20 commitment to reduce the gender gap in the workforce by 25% by 2025.

We want all our employees to reach their full potential. Within our workplace we provide:

  • thriving diversity networks 
  • a culture that values and respects the contributions and aspirations of all staff
  • equal access to career opportunities
  • fair recruitment practices
  • representation in leadership positions
  • a safe workplace for all staff
  • understanding and acknowledgment of the intersections between:
    • gender
    • culture
    • ethnicity
    • ability
    • age
    • sexuality
    • caring responsibilities.

We have a Gender Equality Champion and Gender Equality Network to support and improve gender equality. They: 

  • promote a gender-inclusive culture and advocate for gender equality at all levels 
  • organise events and activities to support staff to:
    • develop leadership skills
    • professional capabilities
    • encourage an inclusive workplace
  • work with our diversity networks and across the APS 
  • provide recommendations to senior executives on workplace policies. 

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