Disability inclusive workplace

We encourage an accessible and inclusive workplace for people with disability. We recognise that people with disability have talents, skills and qualifications and are assets to our workforce. We want our staff to help positively shape results, business outputs and customer service for all Australians.

The Australian Public Service Disability Strategy 2020-25 informs our strategies as a disability inclusive workplace. These strategies guide how we recruit, develop and keep our staff. 

We encourage all people with disability to apply for positions with us.

Support for our staff with disability

We want all our employees to reach their full potential. We offer a range of services and support for people with disability in our workplace. Examples include:

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  • hybrid work arrangements (working from home)
  • flexible working arrangements (part-time, recognition of extra time worked etc)
  • celebrating significant days and events
  • reasonable adjustments including assistive technology and other workplace requirements including workplace adjustment passports.
  • dedicated liaison officer to support and assist with complex reasonable adjustment requests
  • using RecruitAbility and Affirmative Measures 
  • an employee Mental Health Information Line 
  • resources through our membership to the Australian Network on Disability (AND) 
  • entry level programs including the Ability Apprenticeship program and graduate program.

Staff can join our Disability and Carers Committee and Network. This helps to drive positive change in our Department. We also have a senior executive-level Disability Champion. Their role is to advocate and promote the interest of employees with disability. They attend executive and senior leadership groups and represent the Department at cross APS Disability Champion meetings. 

We also host internal events that promote inclusion of people with disability such as:

  • International Day for People with Disability
  • World Hearing Day
  • National Carers Week
  • Mental Health Week.

Contact DiversityandInclusion@dss.gov.au for more information.

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