Corporate reporting and publications

  • Annual Reports
    Our Annual Report shows the work we have done each financial year to deliver services and programs in the department.
  • Corporate Plans
    Our Corporate Plan sets out our purposes and frames our long-term strategic policy and internal cross-departmental priorities.
  • Budget and Additional Estimates Statements
    Our budget statements and fact sheets the planned expenditure for each financial year.
  • Senate Order listings
    Find information about our appointments and vacancies, contracts, files and grants.
  • DSS Service Charter
    Our Service Charter outlines the purpose and the high standards of service provided by the department.
  • Audit and Risk Committee Charter
    The Audit and Risk Committee Charter outlines the functions and reporting requirements of the committee.
  • Executive Remuneration Reporting
    Executive Remuneration is now published in the Department of Social Services Annual Report.
  • Reconciliation Action Plan
    The Department's Reconciliation Action Plan sets our path for building reconciliation at an organisational level.
  • Reasonable Adjustment Policy
    We seek to apply the principle of reasonable adjustment to remove barriers to participation in work by people with disability.
  • Sustainability Reports (Links to the National Library of Australia web archive)
    Our sustainability reports assess the Department's performance against social, environmental and economic indicators.
  • Departmental Gift Register
    List of gifts and benefits accepted by staff valued over $100.
  • Legal Services Expenditure
    DSS is required, under the Legal Services Directions 2017, to report on legal services expenditure each financial year.
  • Privacy Impact Register
    The Department of Social Services is required to maintain and publish a register of the Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) it conducts on its website.

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