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19 June 2024image of DSS logo and Digital Atlas of Australia

The Department of Social Services, Geoscience Australia and the Australian Bureau of Statistics are working together to publish our data on the Digital Atlas of Australia (Digital Atlas).

The Digital Atlas is managed by Geoscience Australia. It’s an easy-to-use online platform that brings together, organises and connects trusted datasets from across government.

It’s interactive and secure. Anyone, anywhere can explore, analyse and visualise data on Australia's geography, people, economy and environment.

We just released our first 2 income support data apps.

They are:

  • Understanding Income Support Payment Recipients
  • Unemployment Payment Recipients – June 2018-June 2023.

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Our aim is to provide accessible, trusted information for all Australians, and to support better-informed, place-based policy decisions.

We are now working on a program place-based app to support the Targeting Entrenched Disadvantaged initiative. This is expected to go live later in 2024.

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Are you looking for other DSS data? Data is available publicly at | Department of Social Services or contact us.

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