Stop it at the Start: The hidden trends of disrespect

18 June 2024Silhouette of boy standing in a dark alleyway looking at images of online iconography such as like buttons and emojis

The multi-award-winning Stop it at the Start campaign has launched for a fifth phase asking adults: do you know what’s influencing your kids?

The campaign aims to re-establish the problem of gendered disrespect in the minds of adults, by revealing the new Hidden Trends of Disrespect young people are exposed to online and offline, that are having a significant impact on their behaviours and attitudes.  

The campaign is an initiative under the National Plan to end Violence against Women and Children 2022–2032 and takes a primary prevention approach to ensure adult influencers play a role in the prevention of disrespect and violence-supportive attitudes among young people aged 10–17 years.

A bespoke website tool called the Algorithm of Disrespect has been developed to simulate the average young Australian’s social media feed. It reveals the hidden trends of disrespect, disrespectful content, and influences young people are exposed to daily that can lead to violence. The tool aims to help parents and care givers of young people educate themselves about these negative influences and prepare them to have meaningful discussions about the new forms of disrespect.

The campaign was developed after extensive developmental research with people from a range of diverse backgrounds, which showed that the online environment has changed in the past 18 months, with influencers creating echo chambers of disrespectful voices.

The campaign will be on air across television, online video, social media, and cinema from today until May 2025.

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