National Volunteer Week 2024: Something for Everyone

20 May 2024logo for National Volunteer Week 2024

Let’s come together this National Volunteer Week to support Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteering!

National Volunteer Week 2024 runs from 20-26 May, and this year’s theme is Something for Everyone. It recognises the diverse passions and talents everyone brings to the act of volunteering.

Whether it is volunteering in arts, sports, events, community building, or social welfare, health, education, animal welfare, conservation, or emergency support services – every person can make a difference regardless of their age, gender, ability, or cultural background.

At its core, volunteering is about people: people doing things for others, for their community, and for the planet. Volunteering is simultaneously a deeply personal and collective pursuit. It involves an intentional choice to contribute time and energy to activities and causes that make a difference and add value to the world.

Volunteering connects us all and has a positive impact on the wellbeing of communities and volunteers, providing a sense of achievement and purpose.

Participating in volunteering enables people to turn their aspirations for their community into practical acts of generosity that have a profound influence on the ability of individuals, organisations, and communities to flourish.

According to Volunteering Australia, encouraging existing volunteers to share their experiences with others will raise awareness of how we can all come together to help our communities.

We encourage all organisations who engage volunteers, governments, other enabling organisations and individuals to proudly promote the upcoming celebrations and use  resources available on the Volunteering Australia website to help increase awareness of the vital role volunteers play in our lives.

Find out more:

Volunteering Australia has a Resource Hub that brings together useful, evidence-based, and current best practice resources to support effective volunteer management across Australia. Visit: Resources - Volunteering Australia

If you are an organisation looking for volunteers, or an individual looking for a volunteering opportunity near you visit: Get Involved - Volunteering Australia.

To find out more about the National Strategy for Volunteering visit: National Strategy for Volunteering - Volunteering Australia

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