Legislation changes set to improve NDIS

27 March 2024'Getting the NDIS Back on Track' Bill. Changes to improve the NDIS

The Australian Government is taking the first steps to co-design changes to the NDIS with the disability community.

We have introduced the ‘Getting the NDIS Back on Track’ Bill into Parliament, as an important step towards future improvements to the NDIS.

These changes will ensure transparency in NDIS decision-making.

The bill will:

  • enable better early intervention pathways for people living with psychosocial disability and children under 9 years old - meaning the NDIS would work differently for different groups of people, based on their needs
  • improve how NDIS participant funds are set and provide clearer information on how they can be spent
  • strengthen the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

The aim of these changes is to make sure decisions in the NDIS are fairer, more transparent, and more consistent for NDIS participants.

These changes have been informed by feedback from people with disability and the disability sector.

Once the bill passes, the Government will engage in a consultation and co-design process with the disability community to design and update the NDIS Rules.

We are planning a series of webinars in April to share more information about the NDIS Act and proposed changes to the NDIS Rules.

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