Research and publications

The Department of Social Services Longitudinal Surveys Research archive (FLoSse) contains bibliographic details for research material, which uses data from one or more of the Centre’s longitudinal surveys.

Key findings

Research Summaries and Data Highlights

In addition to managing longitudinal studies, researchers from the Centre are involved in analysing the data to inform policy discussion and development.

If you would like to request research be completed and documented, on a particular topic of interest, please email

Data Highlights

Data Highlights provide brief descriptive statistics from Centre data.

Research Summaries

Research Summaries provide in-depth statistical analysis of current policy-relevant issues. They may include summaries of existing research.

NCLD Workshop summary

The workshop, held in July 2015, brought together senior officers from across different portfolios and senior academics in longitudinal research.

The key priorities from the workshop were to:

  • Ensure the sustainability of Australia’s longitudinal data assets by encouraging a more coordinated “systems” approach to investments
  • Use a life course model in the design of longitudinal data sets, recognising that interactions across life domains and developing broad based datasets will enable the best understanding of lifetime wellbeing
  • Recognise that strong partnerships across government, academia, NGOs, and the private sector are critical for promoting the greater use, access, sharing and linkage of datasets while maintaining data security, analytical integrity and public confidence.

Statistical reports

Technical reports

LSIC Technical reports

The following documents are available on the Footprints in Time - The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC) page:

  • Wave 6 Report on Who Am I and the Renfrew Word Finding Vocabulary Test
  • A Measure of Global Social and Emotional Wellbeing at Wave 1
  • Implications of the study design for analysis and results

BNLA Technical and scoping reports

BNLA reports

  • BNLA publications

Annual reports

Conference presentations

Other recent research

Other recent publications from the Centre studies are in a number of formats such as government reports, research papers, conference presentations, journal articles and book chapters.

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