Thankyou - Parents video transcript

Thankyou - Parents video

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We see Mick Dodson

We see a calendar start at 2008 and rapidly flick through to 2018.

Professor Mick Dobson

Top Job
Hello I’m Mick Dodson, I’m a Yawuru man from Broome. Since 2008 we’ve come a long way. The contribution to the study by you and your kids is shaping the future of our communities, so it’s vital it continues… with your help. Good one!

Cut to Karen Martin holding the book up to camera.

Indigenous Children –

Growing up strong

Karen Martin

Yura winunga. Hi I’m Dr Karen Martin, I’m a Noonuccal woman with Bidjarra ancestry. Your participation in the study has helped people like me, Professor Maggie Walter, and Dr Gawaian Bodkin Andrews write about the importance of culture and identity in raising our kids.

We see researcher Sandra Hooper

We see our RAOs travelling around a map of Australia on various forms of transport.

Sandra Hooper

I’m one of your RAOs Sandra Hooper from Murrawarri and I love to hear stories from families like yours and to see how much value the data from Footprints in Time brings.
Eddie Betts

Eddie Betts

I’m Eddie Betts. Mum’s Gubrun and Dad’s a Nunga. This study is vital to the future of Indigenous life here in Australia, you’re really kicking goals by being involved! So keep up the good work.

We see Huw Peacock spinning with his hammer.

He tosses it off camera, we hear a smash.

Huw Peacock


I’ll pay for that…

Hi I’m Huw Peacock, I’m a Palawa man from Tasmania

When I’m not throwing the hammer for Australia, I’m smashing through the info from ‘Footprints’ at uni to create a better future for our communities. There’s great strength in what your family continues to do. Oops! I’ll pay for that..

End with a montage of talent saying making final statements. N/A N/A
Karen Martin N/A Stick with it!
Eddie Betts N/A Palya. Thanks!
Sandra Hooper N/A Thank you.
Mick Dodson N/A Good on you. Top job! Or Galiya.
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