Portability and Residence Policy

The Department of Social Services is responsible for the formulation of policy associated with the provision of Australian income support payments for newly arrived residents and income support payments for Australians overseas, including:

  • Portability requirements (taking your payment overseas)

    Portability refers to the continuation of Australian income support payments during a recipient's overseas absence. This policy acknowledges that travel is an integral part of modern living.

  • Social Security Payments - Residence Criteria

    These criteria define Australian residence for the purposes of qualifying for income support or social security payments.

  • Assurance of Support

    An Assurance of Support is given for migrants who enter Australia under certain visa types. It is a commitment by an Australian resident to repay certain Australian social security payments.

  • Comparable Foreign Payments

    A Comparable Foreign Payment (CFP) is any payment from a foreign country that is paid periodically to an Australian pensioner to provide income because of retirement, disability, widowhood, or survivorship.

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