Other Information for New Zealanders Moving to Australia 

The Australian Government website has useful information for non-residents wishing to travel to Australia.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs website has information on:

  • New Zealanders wishing to apply for a permanent visa;
  • New Zealanders wishing to travel to Australia on a Special Category Visa;
  • New Zealanders wishing to apply for Australian citizenship.

Note: to receive most income support payments in Australia you must have a permanent resident visa; or be an Australian citizen; or a Protected Special Category Visa holder. You are also required to serve the relevant waiting period before you can receive an income support payment (four years for most payments and ten years for some pensions unless covered by the Social Security Agreement).

The Department of Education and Training website has information on Commonwealth supported places for higher education (previously known as a HECS places) and non-Commonwealth supported (fee-paying places) for higher education.

Access to Commonwealth assistance for higher education, which includes subsidised places and loans, is dependent on citizenship or residency status. New Zealand citizens are generally required to pay up front fees for higher education in Australia.

Medicare Australia has information on health care for New Zealanders residing in Australia.

Last updated: 20 December 2017 - 2:36pm

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