Purchase Orders

We make payments to suppliers for the purchase of goods and services using Purchase Orders and Corporate Credit Cards.

A Purchase Order details the goods and services we wish to purchase. The Purchase Order will include a description of the goods and the delivery date for the purchase. It may also include other details of the purchase.

When we issue a Purchase Order it will be issued under the Commonwealth Purchase Order Terms for purchase of goods and services. The Terms can be downloaded from the Commonwealth Contracting Suite (CCS) page on the Department of Finance website.

Where purchases are being sought under a formal contract a copy of the Purchase Order may not necessarily be issued as the contract itself is the request to supply the goods or services. Suppliers will always be advised of a Purchase Order number. All invoices with a value of $10,000.00 or more must include a purchase order number.

Suppliers are required to quote the Purchase Order number on all invoices connected to this purchase. All invoices should be sent to dss.invoices@invoices.fms.gov.au for processing.

Small business

We agree to payment terms that provide payment no later than 20 days after the date of receipt from the supplier for contracts valued up to and including A$1 million (GST inclusive).

Where payment is not made within the maximum payment terms, we will pay interest to the supplier where the amount accrued is more than A$100.00 GST inclusive.

The policy is described in the Pay On-Time or Pay Interest Policy on the Department of Finance website.

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