Special benefit

Special Benefit provides financial assistance to people in severe financial need due to circumstances outside their control.

You may get Special Benefit if you are:

  • in severe financial hardship, and
  • unable to earn a sufficient livelihood for yourself and your dependants because of age, disability or domestic circumstances, or for any other reason over which you have no control, and
  • unable to receive any other income support payment from Centrelink, and
  • an Australian resident or the holder of a certain temporary visa.

Some examples of when you might be able to get Special Benefit are:

  • you cannot get another payment from Centrelink because you are too young or too old or because you have not lived in Australia long enough, or
  • you are caring for a sick or disabled person and do not qualify for Carer Payment, or
  • you have suffered a substantial change in circumstances beyond your control during the newly arrived resident’s waiting period.

The Services Australia website has more Special Benefit information.

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