Pharmaceutical allowance

Purpose of Payment

To assist certain income support and other allowance recipients with the cost of pharmaceutical prescriptions.


Pharmaceutical Allowance is paid to Disability Support Pensioners who are under 21 years without children, recipients of Parenting Payment (single) under age pension age and certain allowance recipients who;

  • are temporarily incapacitated; or
  • are over 60 years of age and in receipt of income support for at least 9 months, or
  • are single principal carers of dependent children; or
  • have a partial capacity to work.

Pension Supplement recipients: As of 20 September 2009, Pharmaceutical Allowance is not paid as a separate allowance to recipients of Pension Supplement at more than the basic amount (differing rules apply to those who are overseas for more than 13 weeks).  The value of Pharmaceutical Allowance is incorporated in the Pension Supplement which is automatically paid to pensioners and other eligible income support payment recipients with their regular fortnightly payment.

Further information

For current rates and further information about Pharmaceutical Allowance or the Pension Supplement please contact Centrelink on 13 2300 or visit the Services Australia website.

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