Crisis payment

What is Crisis Payment?

Crisis Payment is a one-off payment provided to people who are in severe financial hardship.

Crisis Payment is paid through Centrelink. Visit the Human Services website or call 13 10 21 for more information on Crisis Payment eligibility requirements or other services to assist you in extreme circumstances

There are four categories of Crisis Payment - 

  • 'Extreme circumstance forcing departure from home’;
  • ‘Remaining in home after removal of family member due to domestic or family violence’;
  • 'Release from gaol or psychiatric confinement’; and
  • Humanitarian Entrants who arrive in Australia for the first time on a qualifying humanitarian visa on or after 1 January 2008’.

In order to qualify for a Crisis Payment a social security pension or benefit must be payable to the person and on the day of claim the person must be in severe financial hardship.

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