Settlement Services

This area provides further information and useful resources for those interested in the Australian Government's settlement and integration activities.

  • Humanitarian Settlement Program
    The Humanitarian Settlement Program provides early practical support to humanitarian entrants on their arrival in Australia and assists them to build the skills and knowledge they need to become self-reliant and active members of the Australian community.
  • Humanitarian Settlement Program Service Provider Locations
    Information about Humanitarian Settlement Program service providers and their shopfront locations around Australia.
  • The Australian Cultural Orientation (AUSCO) Program
    The AUSCO Program supports eligible Refugee and Special Humanitarian Program entrants in the first stage of their settlement in Australia by providing practical pre-departure advice about the journey to Australia and information about what to expect post-arrival.
  • Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS)
    The Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS) program replaced the Settlement Grants program from 1 January 2019. The program includes two components: SETS – Client Services and SETS – Community Capacity Building. The SETS program aims to equip and empower humanitarian entrants, other eligible permanent migrants and their communities to address their settlement needs in order to improve social and economic participation, and community connectedness.
  • Career Pathways Pilot for Humanitarian Entrants
    The Career Pathways Pilot helped to test effective ways to support newly arrived humanitarian entrants, with vocational level English, to use their professional or trade skills and qualifications in Australia.
  • Youth Transition Support Services
    Youth Transition Support (YTS) services help young humanitarian entrants and vulnerable migrants aged 15 to 25 years participate in work and education.
  • Free Interpreting Service
    The Free Interpreting Service aims to provide equitable access to key services, that are not government funded, for people with limited or no English language proficiency.
  • Free Translating Service
    The Free Translating Service allows permanent residents and select temporary or provisional visa holders to have up to ten eligible documents translated, into English, within the first two years of their eligible visa grant date.
  • Settlement Reporting Facility
    For statistics on several aspects of settlement.
  • Volunteers
    Assisting migrant and humanitarian settlement by volunteering.
  • Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)
    Delivers English tuition to eligible migrants and humanitarian clients who do not have functional English. AMEP is administered by the Department of Education and Training.

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