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Many refugees and new migrants bring with them professional training, skills and experiences—however, starting a new life in a new country is a challenge.

Without local work experience, it can be difficult to show employers that they are capable of performing in the workforce.

Businesses can help by offering employment opportunities that match the existing skills and experience of refugees and new migrants. Another way to help is by connecting refugees or migrants with other organisations where they can volunteer or participate in work experience to help them build employment networks, access training and create a sense of connection and belonging in the community.

Friendly Nation Initiative

This initiative helps businesses looking to help refugees. To get involved and provide training, mentoring or employment opportunities to local refugees and migrants email the Migration Council of Australia for more information.

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Community-business partnership

Community-business partnerships are great ways for businesses to welcome and support refugees. For example, a community group can form a partnership with a business in which business runs a free program specifically designed for children from refugee backgrounds. Read Aref’s story about the Advantage Refugees! tennis program at Grange Lawn Tennis Club (Adelaide). More information on community-business partnerships is available on Our Community website.  


jobactive is an employment service focused on giving job seekers the skills and attributes that employers are looking for and helping employers to find the right employee. Contact your local jobactive provider to see if there are refugees and migrants in your area who can meet your employment needs.

Employer’s guide to working with migrants and refugees

Many employers already benefit from the unique skills, international experience and diverse cultural perspectives migrants bring to the workforce. However, some may not be aware of the benefits or know where to find advice or support to take on a new migrant or refugee. The "New Arrivals – New Connections (An employer’s guide to working with migrants and refugees)" booklet provides useful tips and resources to help you and your employees understand each other better, in turn improving the productivity of your business.


If you employ or are considering employing a migrant, try contacting our Settlement Service Providers who are experienced in working with migrants and can provide advice and support.  

Helping to prevent racism

If you want ideas about combating racism and creating an inclusive workplace, go to the Racism. It Stops with Me website.


Meet Padam
You can help refugees and migrants like Padam get back on their feet by assisting with training or offering work experience or employment opportunities. "Today I call it the 'lucky farm' because it has brought so much into our lives. We have been working there for two years now. We were farmers in Bhutan so we fit in well, and we have been able to use our farming skills."
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