Tim's story

Tim Omaji ‘Timomatic’ is a Nigerian-born Australian singer-songwriter and dancer, rising to fame as a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance (Australia) in 2009.  Tim’s academic father brought his family to Australia when Tim was only 10 months old. Nonetheless, Tim and his three siblings weren’t deprived of West Africa’s “vibrant culture”.

“We moved to Australia because Dad and Mum wanted to raise me and my brothers and sisters in an environment that offered more professional and academic opportunities. Dad stressed the importance of education, and application, as a means of self-empowerment.

I was usually the only black kid at school.  I looked very different to everyone. It was just tough to fit in and to find my place. But, at the same time, my parents would always be like, Look, you’re destined to be different and unique, just stand on your own two feet – be confident in that.

When I was nine, I formed a band with my family.  During the intermission of our shows, I would go on stage mimicking Michael Jackson's singing and dancing skills. I was nicknamed ‘Timomatic’ by my friends when I was 15, because of my hip-hop dancing skills.  I started working as artistic director and choreographer of dance company Kulture Break in Canberra.

After school I spent six months at University of Canberra before my passion for music and performance just grew too strong and I couldn’t deny it.

Growing up in Australia gave me a real sense of cultural diversity which really influenced my career path. I wanted to do something that could speak and relate to any and every culture. Dancing and singing gave me this unique opportunity. Through the platform of entertainment, I have been able to inspire, motivate and educate people from all races and religions.”

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