Peter’s story

One of seven children, Peter Scanlon is a 2nd generation Australian and successful businessman. Peter credits embracing cultural diversity as one of his key secrets to commercial success.

“My grandparents migrated from Ireland in the 1880s.

Growing up in Australia post-war, I watched many migrants arrive and settle.  I was staggered by the courage these ‘new Australians’ had, and the way they took the chance to provide a better life for their kids. That’s something that’s never left me.

I started the Scanlon Foundation to help build social cohesion in Australia – not just because I know how important cultural diversity is to business, but also because of my own personal experience.

Our growth as a country is driven by immigration. It is essential that we help settle new migrants well so they can contribute and participate as soon as possible.

There is a lack of understanding of how much diversity within the workplace can improve your business. When a business is able to communicate to customers and suppliers in their first language, and with an understanding of their cultures, it can lead to much better outcomes.

The Scanlon Foundation helps the business community to recognise and celebrate their cultural diversity through initiatives such as the Taste of Harmony campaign run every March.”

Peter believes supporting new migrants is important for both our economic prosperity as a nation and in maintaining the cohesive social fabric of our communities. Working with the Australian Government, the Scanlon Foundation assists new migrants as they settle in Australia through 70 community hubs embedded within primary schools.

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