Marija’s story

Now a political reporter for SBS News in Canberra, Marija arrived in Australia as a six month old baby from Serbia. Her parents believed life in Australia would give Marija access to a great education and opportunities she may otherwise not have had.

Word format Transcript of Marija's story

“I’m so, so lucky. If I had not come here, I could have lived through things that children should never have had to live through, like war. I can’t believe what I have been given here.

As I grew up, the number one thing my parents taught me was to work hard and to never give up.

I’m one of millions of 2nd generation Australians who are working and living in a country that they love and that they want to give back to in every way they can.

The value of a multicultural society is so important because it’s the only way that the society can function peacefully, and in a way that offers opportunity for everyone in an equal fashion.

Respect, acceptance, inclusiveness and shared responsibility are vital to making Australia the best multicultural society it can be.

I’m a very proud Australian-Serbian woman and I just wish every other Australian would meet as many people as they can from different backgrounds, because it makes for an incredible country.”

Migrants, like Marija and her family, bring cultural connections and contribute greatly to our society. In turn, they join with all Australians who benefit from our nation’s economic success, cultural and religious freedom, and diversity.


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