Lynn’s story

When Lynn’s parents brought her to Australia from Taiwan at the age of 19, they were seeking a better education and better future for her. Now a successful businesswoman, Lynn is giving these opportunities back to others.

Word format Transcript of Lynn's story

“Before we came here my parents told us, ‘Once you go to Australia, you must work hard and never ever turn back’. So, we try our best and never ever give up.

I set up my own pharmaceutical company. Now after 25 years, we have more than 100 employees and we export to many overseas countries.

We value our staff and commit to giving back to the community. It’s a meaningful and joyful thing to help others.

We definitely can bring our own country’s culture to Australia and contribute back to Australian society.

We join with you as one country, together.”

Lynn is one of many proud migrants whose economic contribution creates new job opportunities for Australians. As a result of what Australia has offered Lynn’s now driving community contributions, offering employment for people from all cultures and supporting services such as Foodbank and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.


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