Cricket community's story

Embracing cultural, religious and language differences, members of the Australian cricket community talk about the benefits of living in a multicultural Australia.

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“Australia is a great and a very multicultural country,” says Gurinda Sandhu, cricket player for Sydney Thunder and New South Wales representative. “In Australia, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you look like, you can fit in. Sport plays a big role in that.”

Indian born, Lisa Sthalekar, and former Australian Women’s cricket captain reflects on how great diversity can be.

“It’s important for young kids to understand that it’s okay to be different. Australia has wonderful diversity and we have the opportunity to learn from each other.”

And for the current Australian Women’s Cricket captain, Meg Lanning, it’s about having fun and embracing that together.

“It’s important that everyone can be themselves and just enjoy what they’re doing.”

“People bring different things to the table. You can experience different cultures and backgrounds because you have different people around.”

“Despite religious, language and cultural differences, we are all together because of cricket,” says Fawed Ahmed, player for Sydney Thunder and the Victorian representative side.

The Australian cricket community promotes the importance of sport in bringing people from many different backgrounds and cultures together to learn from one another. Australia’s success in sport is a great example of the benefits of living in a culturally diverse, yet united, country.

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