Evaluation of the Try, Test and Learn Fund

The Department of Social Services has contracted the University of Queensland, in partnership with the University of Melbourne, to conduct an independent evaluation of the $96.1 million Try, Test and Learn (TTL) Fund.

The evaluation is examining evidence generated by projects financed under the TTL Fund to look for new insights into what works to reduce welfare dependence. Projects are aimed at particular priority groups at risk of long-term welfare dependence such as young parents, young carers and at-risk young people more broadly as well as older unemployed people, migrants and refugees.

The evaluation is using both quantitative and qualitative methods to look at the impact of the TTL Fund overall as well as project-level analyses, and analyses at the priority group level. Data will be drawn from surveys, interviews, project reports and administrative datasets. The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee has approved the evaluation, which also complies with relevant data security and privacy laws.

Information from the evaluation will provide valuable insights into whether the TTL Fund has increased the capacity of individuals to participate in social and economic life, and examine whether projects have the potential to reduce the risk of reliance on welfare. Evidence and insights gathered through the evaluation will inform future policy and program approaches.

More information

For more information about the evaluation of the TTL Fund, please contact the Department of Social Services TTLFundEvaluation@dss.gov.au

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