Responsible Economic Management - Fraud and Compliance - Commonwealth Seniors Health Card compliance reviews 

Key elements

This measure introduces a review and compliance regime for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card that will include data matching and profile based reviews as well as directly reviewing eligibility for the CSHC with existing customers. With increases in Seniors Concession Allowance and Telephone Allowance from 20 March 2008 the value of the CSHC has increased substantially, requiring some compliance effort so that the CSHC is used by people who are eligible for assistance.


The CSHC was introduced in 1994 to support and encourage self-provision in retirement. The main purpose of the CSHC is to assist self-funded retirees of age pension age with living costs by allowing access to certain services at concessional rates. There has been no previous compliance or review activity for the CSHC. Customers are required to notify Centrelink when their income exceeds the income limits.


The measure will commence in July 2008.

Total Government Funding

This measure is expected to lead to a net saving of $82.4 million over five years.

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