Community Grants Hub

Community Grants Hub

The Community Grants Hub is changing the way Commonwealth grants are processed for community organisations.

The Hub is making grant administration simpler, clearer and faster for Government agencies and organisations that deliver programs enhancing the wellbeing of Australians.

The Hub opened on 1 July 2016 and in its first year, it has delivered nearly 300 grant rounds. More than 10,000 applications have been assessed and more than 6,000 agreements established.

Six client agencies, including the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the National Disability Insurance Agency, have signed up to the Hub.

As a single centre of excellence for processing grants, the Hub allows Government agencies to concentrate on their core business of policy and program development rather than assessing, selecting and negotiating complex grant applications.

Similarly, the single, standardised process means grant applicants have ready access to consistent advice on completing grant applications, resulting in less paperwork and more time for front-line services.

As part the of the Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda, the Hub is one of two hubs administering grants previously delivered by several agencies using different ICT platforms.

“The Hub is a great example of how we are continually modernising services,” Deputy Secretary Barbara Bennett said. “We are making the most of new and emerging digital solutions to provide end-to-end grants administration for critical services supporting those who are most in need.”

The Community Grants Hub is boosted by our Data Exchange or DEX which enables providers and agencies to measure the effectiveness of grants and better target programs to improve wellbeing.

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