The future is collaboration

Aunty Faith was a young mum when she moved to Logan in Queensland 35 years ago.

Aunty Faith has spent many years as a volunteer in the community and is now a member of the Logan Together Leadership Table.

Logan Together is a 10-year community movement that is changing the lives of kids and families in Logan for the better.1

It is part of the Australian Government’s Stronger Places, Stronger People initiative that involves collaboration between communities, governments, service providers and investors to deliver on a locally designed vision and plan of action to create better outcomes for children, families and communities.

The Government has provided $35 million in funding over five years for Stronger Places, Stronger People.

“I always knew Logan Together was going to be big for Logan and that for our mob to be part of it we needed someone to be at the table. It was also about accountability and making sure it was something that was real and not about ticking boxes,” said Aunty Faith.

In November 2018, ChangeFest was held in Logan. This was a national celebration of collaborative community change to empower more people to deliver large scale social change.2

“A big turning point happened at ChangeFest. That gave us a voice, and Logan Together proved they’re committed to listening to the people of Logan. Now it is about building relationships and trust in the community and working out how to approach things together.”

“There is a long way to go, but people are talking now about not working as separate silos, there are rumbles of collaboration where there wasn’t any before—so I feel optimistic for the future,” said Aunty Faith.

ABOVE: Aunty Faith, volunteering for the Logan Together Leadership Table.
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